DYO: Dunedin Youth Orchestra

    The Dunedin Youth Orchestra graced an eager audience with a fantastic recital of Peter and the Wolf a Russian musical opera by Prokofiev. they were accompanied by Rainbow Rosalind and her illustrative puppets Peter and the animal cast. Thank you Dunedin Youth Orchestra for supporting this storytelling extravaganza.   

Superb Storytelling

How many stories were woven this year at Around the world in 80 Tales? Ten and ten again and then two more at least as tales in Afrikaans, Te Reo Maori, Gaelic, Cook Islands Maori, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, New Zealand Sign Language, and Arabic were retold in English - and some translated into NZSL as … Continue reading Superb Storytelling

Performance profile: Dunedin Youth Orchestra

Comprised of secondary and tertiary students Dunedin Youth Orchestra are well known for their biannual concerts and prodigiously talented young musicians. Running since 1972 Dunedin Youth Orchestra provides training for orchestral skills any many members go on to professional positions in Dunedin Symphony Orchestra or New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. They are a cultural institution in … Continue reading Performance profile: Dunedin Youth Orchestra

Performance profiles: Rare Byrds

The Rare Byrds are a Dunedin-based early music consort specialising in Renaissance and early Baroque music. The group formed in 2009 and since then has performed in a wide range of settings and events, including house concerts, school programmes, puppet shows, fire performances, weddings, and medieval feasts The Rare Byrds enjoy performing in spectacular period … Continue reading Performance profiles: Rare Byrds