Superb Storytelling

How many stories were woven this year at Around the world in 80 Tales? Ten and ten again and then two more at least as tales in Afrikaans, Te Reo Maori, Gaelic, Cook Islands Maori, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, New Zealand Sign Language, and Arabic were retold in English - and some translated into NZSL as … Continue reading Superb Storytelling

Around the World in images

      Massive thanks to our performers! Led in the National anthem by Mayor Peter Chin, who welcomed us to the festival in English and Cantonese, the audience was then transported to the Cook Islands by the dance spectacular of Kia Orana Performing Arts; visually and musically stunning. Later in the dim cabin lighting … Continue reading Around the World in images

Bringing story to life: Meet Sellina Sa’u

Sellina was our Cook Islands Maori speaker and also coached the fabulous Kia Orana Performing Arts group who opened the day. Speaking a variant dialect of Cook Islands Maori Sellina was pleased to have an opportunity to share a tale from her culture and hopes others will be inspired to do the same. Promotion of … Continue reading Bringing story to life: Meet Sellina Sa’u

Bringing story to life: Meet Jenna Holland

Jenna Holland was our NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language) storyteller this year. She told a story that incorporated a huge range of facial expressions and classifiers to portray tone, and descriptions. The story was The Wolf and the Lamb.  Anyone watching could imagine the huge, pointy teeth of the wolf in his wide open jaw and … Continue reading Bringing story to life: Meet Jenna Holland

Kia Orana Performing Arts

We plan to start our festival with a bang, bang, a banging of drums, a flurry of hands and whorls of colour, and who better to ask than Kia Orana Performing Arts Group?  Their mission is to promote thethe language and, culture for Cook Island's people of Dunedin as well as support and encourage the … Continue reading Kia Orana Performing Arts