It’s not called Around the World in 80 tales for nothing. We like to share as many languages and cultures as is feasible* in four and a half hours.

Asia, Europe


Now we fly to Nepal for a tale in Nepali from Annal the Amazing. Annal began by explaining the significance of customary Nepalese clothing and was wearing.   Annal’s tale warns us of the dangers of and inflated ego in the face of achievement. Can you think of any stories you know with that message? Dhanyabad, Annal!


Next to Italy to hear form Carmen the Creative about a national sweet treat gelato, not to be confused with icecream! A more modern tale from Carmen features a gelato palace and Carmen really took us there. Grazie, Carmen.



Lying in both Asia and Europe is Turkey and that’s our destination to hear Saadet the Spectacular tell a humorous story about a familiar character Nasreddin Hooja. Saadet’s tale reminds us to be neighbourly a good lesson. Teşekkür ederim, Saadet.



* feasibility studies have not been done.

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