Our photographer extraordinaire: Izumi Schmidt, need a photographer? check out her business here: https://izumi.world/ ( It’s in Japanese)

The venue and partner: Dunedin Public Libraries.  Dunedin Public library has been hosting and encouraging us with this event, the assist us to plan and fund it. They are pretty wicked. Libraries are fantastic places, as you can see its more than books. You can support your library by going there, and if you do you’ll probably find something awesome. 

Our financial backers, Creative Communities Scheme. Thank you for continuing to support us. we need events like these to encourage people to connect with their own cultures and each others. Stories are a great vehicle for this and we are grateful that you see the value in that as we do.

Our EMCEES: y’all its photo time you know I love photos. Thanks to Liz and Alison for keeping things running smoothly. and for adding some bonus stories into the programme!



And of course huge thanks to everyone who shared their cultures, languages, time and energy with us. Tēnā koutou!

Huge thanks from Kaitrin, and B (who should not be wearing a lei whilst interpreting).



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