We didn’t have a theme but sometimes stories coalesce and these three stories all concerned animals in one way or another…

Europe, Asia

Let’s go to Switzerland for a story told by the Superb Sandrine. This particular story highlights the benefits of knowing a second language. This French fable was perfect for our festival. Fun, engaging, thematically on point. Merci beaucoup, Sandrine.



As a bit of serendipity our festival coincided with the creation of a sand mandala on the ground floor of the library, libraries are low key the be places, so we wondered if we could have a story about sand mandala. We were very lucky, a Geshe was available to tell a story in Tibetan via an interpreter. We set up next to the mandala under construction, and a time-lapse video of the process. The monk’s story was about honesty and fair play involving some mischievous monkeys and jumped up and down as he told it. It was more than we could have asked for. Thu-je-che- for taking part, and sharing the significance this beautiful religious symbol with us!



Achtung!  We have another story, this one from Grimm’s fairytales told in German by Choice Christine.  A story about friendships, trickery, assumptions and subterfuge with a truly happy ending.  Dankeschön, Christine for this happy tale.

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