How many stories were woven this year at Around the world in 80 Tales? Ten and ten again and then two more at least as tales in Afrikaans, Te Reo Maori, Gaelic, Cook Islands Maori, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, New Zealand Sign Language, and Arabic were retold in English – and some translated into NZSL as well.  Audiences of all ages were enraptured and absorbed in listening, watching and learning.  Some helped to tell the tale of Jabu the Lion with puppets alongside Moyra, others learned to count to 13 in Spanish counting the Galapagos Islands in Carla’s tales, young and old practiced the alphabet in NZSL with Jenna, or simply soaked up the various tones and rhythms of stories from places as far away as Ecuador or as close as our own backyard.

These storytellers deserve a huge round of applause. Whether you paced, used props, stood firm, or sat you opened a door into a world that all present could enter to explore another culture and we are the better traveled for it.  Thank you for sharing these stories with us.

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