Massive thanks to our performers! Led in the National anthem by Mayor Peter Chin, who welcomed us to the festival in English and Cantonese, the audience was then transported to the Cook Islands by the dance spectacular of Kia Orana Performing Arts; visually and musically stunning.DSC07550

Later in the dim cabin lighting of the Dunninghame suite we watched the shadows of monsters past in Beowulf performed in style by Dunedin Medieval Society, Rare Byrds, from costume to atmosphere to story an adventure.



In the afternoon Rainbow Rosalind narrated the sensational musical story of Peter and the Wolf with hand puppets to illustrate the musical motifs. To say we had to shoe horn people into the room might be an understatement!DSC08935

Our closing adventure took us on an interactive exploration of time and space as the Dunedin Flow Artists Collective coaxed the audience out onto the plaza to exercise their flow, the transforming, trance like state of focus that comes to those in the midst of action- in children we call it play and as you can see the children who got up to have a go had an absolute blast.




Our performers took us to places, times and memories, on vehicles of sight and sound we truly traveled Around the World, and we thank them for providing such and awesome OE at the library.

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