Around the World in 80 Tales celebrates Dunedin community members from across the globe.  Story is the medium whether it is spoken,  signed,  musical or performance based, story can take these many forms and more, and in each of these forms it can entertain,  educate and connect us.

Think about stories from your childhood,  particularly myths and legends, do those stories have parallels in other cultures and communities?  Or are they unique, illustrating something particular to your heritage?  Aren’t both outcomes intriguing? I think so.

At Around The World in 80 Tales the stories you hear will be those which change everything they are told, whose details stretch and dance away but which survive intact to be handed down, somehow the same after a thousand retellings over a thousand years as when they were first conceived.  And tales that give a glimpse into cultures that are around us everyday.

Being immersed in a story in a language you don’t know, wish to know, are homesick for or use everyday is joyful.  Come and celebrate story with us at Dunedin Public Library, 230 Moray Place, from 11am til 4.30.

All ages can enjoy this free event.

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