Alison is our Scottish Gaelic storyteller. She and her family emigrated to Dunedin from Scotland in 1948. Her first languages are English / Standard Scots.

We asked Alison which story she will be telling at AtW:

The story I intend to tell is: “Dòmhnall agus na Mocaisean”, “Donald and the Mocassins”.

It is a story from Nova Scotia, Canada, in Scottish Gaelic.

I learned it from Catriona Parsons, originally from the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. She moved to the USA and then to Canada, and has spent many years teaching Gaelic in Nova Scotia.

I have learned and taught German (including Medieval German) and used it in German-speaking countries over many years.

I have sung in a Gaelic choir over the years, but only in recent years had the opportunity to be taught this language of my background.

What is the value of story/storytelling?

Stories can give us the sense and the feel of another culture; how a people sit in their landscape; how their attitudes make sense in that time and place.

Come and enjoy Alison’s tale with us.


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