Moyra moved to New Zealand from South Africa in 2003 and has been in Dunedin since 2006.


We asked Moyra: Which languages do you speak?

English is my first language. I speak English and Afrikaans fluently because my mother is Afrikaans speaking and I have many Afrikaans relatives and friends. I also speak a little Zulu.

What do stories mean to you? 

I read constantly- probably about three novels a week and love most stories.  One of my very favourite children’s stories  is “Three Big Hogs” by Daniel Pinkwater. Others are Goldilocks” and “The Three Little Pigs”.

What value do stories hold?

Stories are ways of remembering events, of passing on knowledge, sharing experiences and engaging and entertaining others.

Moyra will be telling three story of Jabu and the Lion in Afrikaans with a smattering of Zulu words and she hopes you will enjoy listening to the sounds of these languages and hearing about African animals and a little Zulu boy.

We are sure Moyra’s tale will be a treat.


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