Originally from Ecuador, South America Carla has lived in Dunedin since 2008. She speaks English and Spanish and will be telling a story about the Galapagos Islands.

We asked Carla: Why are stories important to you?

Stories are a valuable way to verbally transmit values, history and experiences to new generations.

What has made story meaningful in your life?

When I was a small girl, I lived in Guayaquil, on the Coast of Ecuador. I loved visiting my grandparents, Leon and Judith, who lived in the Andean city of Baños and owned a small library/stationery shop.  They used to choose one or two nights during our visit to leave the shop’s door open and to arrange a circle of chairs to sit all the family including the small children. My brother Ivan and I used to drink a delicious cup of hot chocolate and the adults enjoyed the hot coffee that my nana freshly grounded for the occasion. I remember my dad, Marcelo, my mum Estela, my uncles and aunties, and all other adults laughing while sharing memories and experiences about the family and when they were younger. Those chats are one of the most precious memories I keep in my heart: my family united, listening carefully to each others stories and laughing together.

We can’t wait to hear her story.

Join us to listen in.


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