Amadeo is our Spanish speaker, born in Madrid, Spain he has lived in Dunedin since June of 1999, so over 17 years!!! “Gosh time flies.”


We asked Amadeo: what is your favourite memory of stories or storytelling?

My favourite storytelling memories are from when I was young.  Making stories up for my little sister when she went to bed.  The funniest moments came when she wanted to hear a particular story she enjoyed, but as I made them up I couldn’t remember some details, so she had to tell me be for I told it back to her!

Why are stories important?

Stories are the way we learn best.  Whether it is the story of how stars are born in science class or the story of how the hungry caterpillar turned into a butterfly, we remember stories.  After millions of years of evolution we humans now have got the privilege to tell stories like not other animal can!  Stories that help grow in life as a society.  Stories that can allow us to understand.that we need to take care of the world we live in.  Stories of progress that will be as enjoyable as they are important to keep sharing with everyone!

What do you hope people will gain from coming to your story session?

Compassion.  Coming from Spain, a country well known for bullfighting, the story of Ferdinand the bull will bring up ideas of how humans treat animals in a very unfair way, and that we can do a lot better.  Caring for everyone and everything around us is important, and the story of Ferdinand the bull will definitely leave everyone with that message.


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