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Josje our New Zealand Sign Language storyteller is fluent in 4 languages. Dutch, English, NZSL and Dutch Sign Language.

Originally from Holland Josje is a a recent Dunedin resident, she moved here 6 weeks ago but has lived in Canterbury for 30 years.attachment.ashx

We asked Josje:

What do you love about Dunedin?

We love the city and it’s surroundings. The Peninsula is beautiful.

Why are stories important to you?

I did not hear many stories -remember I am Deaf. I read them. The morals and meanings that you hear over and over that make you stronger as a person and good hearted.  In sign language those meanings can be expressed without signs or words.  As a visual language there are other ways to get those messages across.

What’s your favourite story memory?

Falling in love with the visuals.     I don’t have many memories of stories from my youth the when I first saw stories and poetry in sign language that opened up a whole new world to me

What do you think people will discover at your story session?

That without sound you can tell a brilliant story.

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