Keren our Hebrew speaker has been in Dunedin for 3 years.

We asked Keren:  


What is your favourite memory associated with stories? 

Mainly family stories – my grandmother telling me how she migrated to Israel, and about the childhood of my aunt and mother. I could hear the same stories repeatedly, and would still ask to hear them again.

When I was in kindergarten, I went to a Jewish orthodox one. The kindergarten teacher would read us stories of the doings of the wise ancient Jewish leaders. I used to LOVE hearing these stories – they were simple, warm, and had good morals to them.
What do you hope people will gain from listening to you and others at “Round the world in 80 Tales”? 

Most important – that people will have fun, and be entertained by being able to imagine, and create in their minds stories that come from all over the world.

I believe that stories, which always include something of our humansages-showed-us-the-way values, and our human existence, will also contribute to our feelings of joint humanity and compassion.

What are the stories that are important to you?

Stories that help solve psychological mysteries, that teach me something about what it means to be human, what human relations are all about, and how do we deal with this strange thing that is called “life”.


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